FourEyes Foundation: Vision Screening Programme for Kids

by Ravi D.

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Foureyes Foundation helps children thrive by providing free eyecare and glasses in New Zealand.


Foureyes Foundation - helping children with vision problems


The Foureyes Foundation is a registered charity that identifies and treats New Zealand children with eyesight problems. We do this because childhood is important – it builds the foundations for future health, education, employment, and social success. As well as helping with vision, glasses can help solve symptoms like headaches, struggling to read and write (like writing letters backwards), and children losing motivation and concentration both in and out of class. 


The children we work with don't have the glasses they need because they don't know they need them, have been misdiagnosed with learning difficulties, or it is simply unaffordable for their families.


Our work covers four key areas that cover the main barriers for children with undiagnosed eyesight problems:

  • Identifying eyesight problems (screening)
  • Eye testing
  • Provision of glasses
  • Monitoring and follow-up

Why it's needed

The community need is to address any currently unidentified/unmet vision needs in children so that they can thrive at school and in the community. Solving eyesight problems can remove one barrier that children face in feeling comfortable and well-equipped for learning. Evidence has shown that children in remedial reading classes in particular are likely to suffer from undiagnosed eyesight problems.

Our work in schools (17 to date) has shown that on average around 15% of children need further eye testing, with 10% overall needing glasses. These figures represent the current undiagnosed need. This indicates a big gap between current service provision and what we are offering.


Expected Benefits


The expected short-term outcome is that up to 10,000 children will have their vision screened; a further 1,200 children will have their eyesight tested by an optometrist, and 800 will be provided with glasses.

The medium to long-term impact of these interventions is that these children will be better prepared to participate at school. Research shows solving vision problems can improve education outcomes - which in turn provide children with many more options for the future.

How You Can Help


We have plans to run four clinics in 2019. We would like your help to set up our second clinic, in Cannon's Creek, Porirua. This is one our highest need areas, with a large proportion of lower-income families. Porirua has a fantastic low-cost practice filled with great doctors and nurses that are there to support this community. This practice is very keen to provide us a room in which we could do eye tests to help the kids in the area, because they see the need for what we want to do. Others in the community served by this practice would also benefit from greater access to optometry services (especially the elderly).


We keep our costs as low as we can, by partnering with local volunteers, seeking low-cost eye testing options where possible, and through our optometrist donating back some of his professional fees. We also draw on government support where it's available. Our budget for providing eyesight screening and vision testing to children in the Porirua area (New Zealand) is as follows:

Professional Fees: $7,700. This covers the optometrist's time to undertake vision screening at local schools and provide children's eyesight tests one day per fortnight for twelve months. This would be enough to screen 5,000 children, eye tests for 500-600, and provide glasses where needed (around 330 children).

Equipment: $14,500. This covers the necessary optometry equipment to set up the clinic. Optometry equipment is expensive, but we've sought a very competitive quote and will use second-hand equipment where available. Update 22/8/18: We have successfully fundraised for the equipement needed in the Porirua clinic - we are excited to be one step closer to helping the children in the area!