Sacred Seeds #Strive2Thrive campaign

by Charles S.

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Building the capacity of communities by utilizing Urban/Sustainable Agriculture to nourish, educate, and empower.


The Sacred Seeds "Seed Lab"

What's wrong?

1.2 billion of the earth's people live in poverty and poor health. Lack of food, water, and income are the main reasons for this.

Moreover, the youth are being robbed of their future by not having access to organic nutrient rich food, proper education of the importance of cultivation, and the science of living a more conscious, sustainable lifestyle for themselves and the world around them.


How do we fix it?

With the proper skills, knowledge, and resources; Any community can have a sustained positive impact on their own and the world around them. Urban / Sustainable agriculture provides an eco-friendly way of promoting perpetual growth and self- sufficiency while nourishing and educating the individuals of said communities.

Kids Planting Seeds


The Sacred Seeds' Way


Through collaborative partnerships we can utilize resources that are better positioned to understand and navigate the socio-economic issues that affect a particular neighborhood or area. This gives us an opportunity to accurately scale and define our impact to leverage financial resources in a more efficient way. We only partner with organizations who demonstrate a clear commitment to community capacity building. Members will serve as liaisons between the community and partner organizations in order to facilitate environmental stewardship, social/personal empowerment and nutritional education projects and activities.



Our "Seed Lab" initiative will introduce communities to innovative and sustainable agricultural methods by constructing self-sustaining “Seed Labs” (Greenhouses) for the cultivation of organic produce relative to the nutritional need of the youth in that area. These seed labs will also be used as "Co-creation Centers" to foster educational activities and workshops as well as community events.

The communal aspect of this "Sacred Space" will build a stronger collaborative connection while inspring and motivating the youth to be active in their communities. Add in the creation of income-generating resources as well as decreased carbon footprint and you have a nourished, educated, and economically self-sufficient community promoting and enhancing a conscious-ecofriendly lifestyle that can be passed on for generations to come!



The physical, cognitive, and behavioral benefits that will come from these experiences will allow the youth to not only retain the information they are taking in, but to also make them feel like they are a part of their community and making a difference.

Health Benefits

- Higher iron intake
- More oxygen to red blood cells
- Higher intake of essential vitamins and phytochemicals
- Increased energy and motivation

Cognitive Benefits

- Increased memory and focus
- Longer attention span
- Increased interest in health and nutrition
- Developed problem-solving skills related to urban agriculture and sustainable living.

Behavioral Benefits

- Better performance in schools due to enhanced nutrition
- Increased self-confidence
- Increased activity in community
- Increased feeling of security and belonging
- Social support for overall well-being


Why we need your help.

Sacred Seeds Inc. has already secured partnerships that will help provide:

- Youth programming and interactive gardening course curriculums
- Compost pick up and drop off
- Greenhouse managing and design, as well as specified plant and grow schedules
- Land to erect our first "Seed Lab"


Our goal is to raise $36,000. 

The funds will pay for the following;

Metal Frame Greenhouse

Includes (1), 18’x24’ Ceres energy efficient passive solar greenhouse using 14 gauge 2x4 galvanized steel framing structure. 20-year manufacturer’s warranty on steel framing. Building structure rated for local wind and snow loads. Includes engineers stamp for permitting

Metal Insulated Walls

24 gauge, R-14, 2” insulated metal panels on the north wall, east and west walls, and south knee wall.

Tri-Wall Polycarbonate Roof

Roof and south wall of the greenhouse glazed with 16-mm. triple-wall polycarbonate. Double air chambers provide added insulation while transmitting 76% of PAR light. Includes aluminum connection system and hardware to cover seams and prevent water leakage. 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for yellowing and hail damage.


Includes (1) insulated R-13 steel pedestrian entry door for the greenhouse. (Option to use Double Outswing Door if desired). Industrial rated durability and security, waterproof, full perimeter weather stripping.

Ventilation System

Aluminum 16” exhaust fan(s) with matching intake louvers, rated to the volume of the greenhouse.


Includes double pane, argon filled clear glass windows, placed on east, west, and south walls.

Installation Hardware

All hardware, clips, screws, and sealants necessary to install the building.

Construction Supervision

Design and construction consulting with detailed installation instructions, including remote construction supervision throughout the build


Total Base Greenhouse Cost (18x24)



Foundation cost ($15/ sq.ft)

(18x34) - $6,480


Grand total



Sustainable Greenhouse Construction

Designed with passive solar design to reduce energy costs by as much as possible, setting the structure apart as a truly ‘green’ greenhouse. Includes a durable, steel frame structure with 20-year warranty, engineered for local site conditions. We utilize 2” metal insulated (R-14) walls, which reduce heat loss and create a more durable, protected environment. Our triple-wall polycarbonate glazing includes a 10-year warranty, and 76% light transmission. Lastly, we incorporate an insulated (R-13) steel entry door with industrial rated durability and security.


Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

Ceres’ Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHTTM) system provides year-round renewable climate control (heating, cooling and dehumidifying) by re-circulating passive solar heat from the greenhouse and can reduce energy costs by 30-60%. The payback period of the GAHT™ system varies between 2 and 4 years depending on location and operating conditions. Phase Change Material (PCM) provides passive energy storage for the greenhouse through a process of phase changes. This mitigates temperature swings and saves energy.


*Any extra funds will be allocated to shipping and labor costs