Maternal & Neonatal India Program

by Alexis C.

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Help us reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in India


In the time it takes to read this information, four women will have died from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Women living in developing countries without access to healthcare are most likely to be affected. By the end of today, that number will have risen to 830 women. These deaths are preventable. It is well documented that skilled care before, during and after childbirth can save the lives of women and newborn babies.

Medic Mobile is a non profit organization focused on designing and implementing free software and mobile tools to support Community Health Workers (CHWs), who in turn ensure mothers and children have access to skilled care.  

Standard Package Open Source Tools

Our free and open-source Standard Package for maternal and child health contains tools, resources, and support designed for community-based care and can be implemented by even the smallest organizations and clinics in challenging and remote settings.

This year, over 10 organizations in Africa and Asia have implemented our Standard package for maternal health. In India, our partners include mission hospitals and community-based non-profit organizations delivering care to underserved communities in the states of West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.  While our software is free and open source, we need your help to reach more underserved communities in India. Your donation will help us to cover training costs in getting our tools to rural and remote places that need them the most.  


We are raising $7,000 USD to continue to expand this program. These funds would be used for:

  • Supplies and materials to conduct workshops and trainings for remote community health programs in India.
  • Travel costs associated with these workshops and trainings

Even though our software platform is free and we aim to keep our costs down by providing trainings remotely through the Internet, the hardest-to-reach places often do not have strong internet connections to facilitate a video conference call. In addition, technology is new to many remote and underserved communities in India. Community health workers with little or no prior experience using technology have successfully used our tool to help ensure pregnant mothers and children are not forgotten; however, this does not happen without hands-on training and support to get the project off the ground.

In order to keep our services at no cost to our implementing organizations, Medic Mobile needs your support to ensure that these community health care workers not only receive appropriate technology, but that they are trained well in how to use it, and are able to take ownership of the program for long-term success.

Together we can reach even more communities in India, through supporting CHWs and strengthening the care mothers and children receive, which has been shown to save lives.  We can intercept danger signs early, ensure people are not forgotten, and fight for equitable care. Please consider joining us in this effort and helping us to reach further. Thank you for your help!

More about Medic Mobile’s Standard package:

Community health workers (CHWs) can send SMS from basic phones or smartphones to:

  • Register people in their communities and create profiles for longitudinal care
  • Register every pregnancy in their communities • Receive automated reminders about antenatal care visits
  • Receive upcoming delivery reminders
  • Report danger signs to clinical teams
  • Coordinate with clinics to ensure delivery in facilities with skilled birth attendants

Facility-based staff, including CHW Supervisors, Nurses and Nurse Managers, can access and use the Medic Mobile application on a computer, laptop, netbook, Android phone, or tablet to:

  • See when new people are registered
  • See submitted reports for patients and monitor activity
  • See profiles and history for the patients managed by CHWs
  • View priority tasks for overdue antenatal care visits and other events
  • Perform actions, such as adding visits or reporting on deliveries
  • Message with individual community health workers or groups to coordinate care
  • Medic Mobile provides partners with monthly impact reports, so the program managers can use data for evidence based decision making and interventions.

Key features include:

  • People-centered workflows: The package supports case management and care coordination for women over time and across places.
  • Works offline: Our partners use the application without an Internet connection and synchronize when connectivity is available.
  • Powerful in-app analytics: Our partners also monitor key activity and impact metrics in real-time such as number of active pregnancies and births this month.
  • Multiple devices: The platform runs on basic phones or Android smartphones for mobile data collection, and tablets, laptops or desktop computers for the web application.
  • Multiple languages: The platform can be used in English, French, Spanish, Swahili, Bahasa Indonesia or Hindi.

Want to know even more about how it works?  See our video here.