Chandolo Primary School Water Project

by Peter C.

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A new rain catchment tank, latrines and training will dramatically improve health and opportunities for learning at this Kenyan School


This project is a part of The Water Project's program with Western Water And Sanitation Forum (WEWASAFO). Our team is pleased to directly share the below report (edited for brevity and clarity, as needed).

The Chandolo Primary School is located in a very rural place and facing a number of challenges in clean water procurement and sanitation.  


·       A 5,000-liter plastic water tank was donated to the school, but it’s much too small for 524 students, it barely provides for two days of drinking, cooking, irrigating, cleaning of latrines and mopping of classrooms.

·       When water is finished off, every child is sent to get water from a spring in the community, the time spent collecting water keeps them from their studies and affects their marks on their exams.

·       At least two students are out with waterborne diseases each school day. Though the community spring is protected and should be yielding clean water, it is likely that water is being mishandled and stored improperly before it’s consumed.


·       Boys only have four latrines available, which makes for long lines during class breaks. Many of these young students can’t bear the long wait to relieve themselves, and look for a quiet place elsewhere.

·       The stench resulting from gross overuse of these latrines is unbearable. The facilities are also as old as the school itself (1956).

·       Girls have eight latrines, but these are filthy.

·       Safety is also a problem. A boy almost fell through the floor once, so that latrine is now boarded off; and one of the girls’ latrines is missing a door, so none of the girls dare to use it.

·       There are no hand-washing stations for students or teachers to wash their hands.

·       The school cook mentioned that diarrheal diseases are the most common and most dangerous consequences of poor sanitation at Chandolo Primary School.

Plans to Resolve Challenges:

1.    Hygiene and Sanitation Training and Hand-Washing Stations

·       Two days of hygiene and sanitation using PHAST (participatory hygiene and sanitation transformation), ABCD (asset-based community development), CTC (child to child), lectures, group discussions, and handouts to teach health topics and ways to promote good practices within the school.

·       The CTC method will prepare students to lead other students into healthy habits, as well as kickstart a CTC club for the school. This CTC club will oversee the new facilities, such as hand-washing stations, and make sure they are kept clean and in working condition.

·       The two hand-washing stations will be delivered to the school, and the club will fill them with water on a daily basis and make sure there is always a cleaning agent such as soap or ash.

2.    VIP Latrines

·       Two triple-door latrines (total of 6) will be constructed with local materials that the school will help gather.

·       Three doors will serve the girls while the other three serve the boys.

·       With a new source of water on school grounds, students and staff should have enough to keep these new latrines clean.

3.    Rainwater Catchment Tank

·       A 50,000-liter rainwater catchment tank will help alleviate the water crisis at this school. The school will also help gather the needed materials such as sand, rocks, and water for mixing cement.

·       Once finished, this tank can begin catching rainfall that will be used by the school’s students and staff. With proper management of this large tank, students will no longer have to carry heavy containers of water to school anymore.


The funds raised here will help us to implement the solutions we have outlined here. We and the school strongly believe that with this assistance, standards will significantly improve. These higher standards will translate to better academic performance!

PLEASE NOTE: If total BTC raised exceeds the actual funding need for this project, additional and similar water projects will be funded in the same area.  Full reporting will be made available here if that should occur.