Need Bitcoin?

Want to try GiveTrack?  First, you'll need some bitcoin!
The easiest way to buy bitcoin is through our friends at BitPay or Edge
Each of these services will offer a bitcoin wallet and allow you to purchase bitcoin by connecting to your bank account. It will take a few minutes to set up an account, and it usually takes several days for the purchase to go through. Any service that is set up to have a customer purchase bitcoin will be similar in their requirements and timeframes. Alternatively, you can set up a wallet and have someone send you some bitcoin to your new address. 
Here are a few tutorial videos to help you learn more about how they these different wallets work: 
Please also note that certain services do not have any access to or control of your bitcoin, in some cases you and only you can access your bitcoin, so be sure to follow all the instructions for backing up your wallet and safely storing your private keys!
Check out these wallet options, get some bitcoin, and then come back and make a donation. You can track your donation on GiveTrack and get project updates too!
Thank you,
GiveTrack Team